Who is EVA?

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UsGreenProducts.com is a subdivision of EVA, INC. We are licensed as a Green-tech and Digital NC based company. Our long-term goal is to become the go-to, one stop shop for renewable, transferable, portable energies: solar, wind, thermal, and Electric Vehicle (EV) enterprise.

Meanwhile, we are focusing on getting our green mobility division fully functional focusing on City, neighborhood, and first and last mile modes of transportation: folding EV scooters, unicycles, and motorbikes.

On energy division we will focus on portable solar generators, mobile EV charging stations, Highway and city street Solar lights and solar HVAC systems : residential and commercial (future).

Once fully operational, our goal is to become B2B company partnering with US local vendors as distributors (nationwide). Additionally, we ll be selling our products overseas B2C directly.

Eric S. Nkusi, SSDA & M.S
President & CEO
Exemplary Vertical Applications