Electric Unicycle

Our electric unicycle is a fun, efficient way to get around.

Unicycles are becoming more and more common as more people recognize that they’re a convenient way to get around. However, gone are the days when everyone riding a unicycle would power the bike using pedals. At EVA – US Green Products, we’ve created an electric unicycle – the Simba X Unicycle — that’s powered by electricity for convenient, enjoyable use.

EVA – US Green Products: A fun, efficient and innovative way
to get around!

You can take your electric unicycle out wherever you need it to go, whenever you need to go. Just make sure it’s charged before you take off, and your unicycle will consistently and reliably be powered by electricity throughout your ride. This means you can travel longer and faster than you would on an ordinary unicycle!

Our electric unicycle comes in black, blue, red, and silver, and it’s relatively compact, so you can store it indoors easily when you’re not outside enjoying it. Additionally, you can travel up to 15 mph, and with a fully charged battery, can ride for approximately 25 miles before you need to charge it again. The best part is that since electricity is a much cleaner resource than fuel, you’re doing something good for the environment by taking your electric unicycle out for a spin instead of your car.

Electric Unicycle

The newest alternative to your car, our electric unicycle is the fun, efficient option you’ve been looking for. Contact us at EVA – US Green Products to find out more, and click here if you’re ready to shop for your new unicycle.