One-Wheel Electric Scooter

Make getting around more efficient and fun.

Today, it’s hard to go out without seeing someone riding a unicycle down the street. At EVA – US Green Products, we capitalized on the popularity of these one-wheel electric scooter vehicles and decided to offer a unicycle unlike any other on the market. Our Simba X Unicycle is powered completely by electricity for convenient, enjoyable, and daily use.

One-Wheel Electric Scooter

Your one-wheel electric scooter can go nearly anywhere you want to go. All you have to do is make sure it has a charge before you leave, and you can enjoy consistent, reliable power throughout the duration of your ride. The best part is that you can travel faster, longer, and more reliably than you would on a typical one-wheel electric scooter.

Our one-wheel electric scooters are available in red, silver, blue, and black, and they’re impressively compact, so you can keep yours indoors when you aren’t outside on a ride. With a fully charged battery, you can travel at speeds up to 15 mph and run your one-wheel electric scooter for up to 25 miles before you need to go back for another charge. Electricity is a much cleaner resource than fuel, so when you take your unicycle out instead of your car, you can feel good knowing you’re doing some good for the environment.

A fun, efficient alternative to the traditional unicycle, your life will never be the same after buying one of our one-wheel electric scooters. To purchase your Simba X Unicycle, click here, and if you have questions, feel free to give us a call.