Electric Bike

A cooler, more efficient way to get around.

You’ve seen other electric bikes out on the street, and you know you want one in your garage. The problem? You can’t seem to find one that’s as efficient as you want or looks as modern as you want. Instead of settling for an electric bike that doesn’t check off all your boxes, check out the electric motorcycles we offer here at EVA – US Green Products.

The first electric bike of its kind, our electric bike is modeled after a Café Racer bike! Cool and sleek in appearance, these bikes boast a ton of unbeatable features that make them the option you’ve been looking for. When you’re not using your bike, simply charge it in your garage, and when you’re ready to go, you’ll have plenty of battery power to get around. Whether you use it for your daily commute or just to get around town, one of our electric bikes can help you stop paying so much for vehicle maintenance and gasoline.

We understand that buying a quality electric bike like one of ours is an investment, so we proudly offer financing solutions to help you get the bike you really want. To secure financing, all you have to do is put down 50% at the time of purchase, and the bike is yours!

Our electric bike offers everything you want and then some! Change the way you get around for the better by buying yours today. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call!