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Electric vehicles are the future! At EVA – US Green Products, we manufacture, design, and produce a lineup of electric vehicles that is changing the transportation landscape for the better with less waste, more efficiency, and an enjoyable ride. Currently, we offer two electric vehicles that will change the way you get around:

1.  Simba X Unicycle—A unicycle like you’ve never seen before, the Simba X Unicycle features a sleek, futuristic appearance that will turn heads at every corner. Simply step up onto it and rely on electric power to fuel your adventures!

2.  The Rocket—Inspired by a Café Racer bike, The Rocket is where the past meets the future of electric bikes. Perfect for commuting and getting around town, The Rocket is the electric bike you need in your life.

We offer financing on all our electric vehicles, so finances don’t get in the way of your desire to change the way you get around. We are trying to better the world we live in by developing green technologies, and our electric vehicles feature the best we offer. Try one for yourself, and you’ll want to get around our way instead of pulling your car out of the garage!


We’d be happy to tell you more about our electric vehicles, how they work, and their unique specifications and features. Contact us at EVA – US Green Products today to speak with one of our representatives, or click here to shop our electric vehicle options.


Products We Offer:


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Electric Bike

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