Drone with HD Camera

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Chances are if you haven’t used a drone yourself, you’ve seen someone else use one. Thanks to their innovative features and stealthy flight capabilities, drones continue to change the digital landscape. If you’re looking for a drone with an HD camera, don’t miss out on our Model H Drone. Our drones at EVA – US Green Products are all powered by electricity, and they boast the reliability you’ve been looking for in your drone.

Drone with HD Camera

Our drone with HD camera comes with some impressive features, like 720p video capabilities, single-button takeoff, foldable design for easy storage, altitude hold, and a Wi-Fi transmission function. Our Model H Drone also comes with three speed settings and can go in any direction. You can even make it do 360-degree flips when it’s up in the air!

It only takes an hour for our drones to reach a full charge. Once you have a full battery, you can use your drone for up to an hour, depending on what type of flight pattern you follow. Our drones also feature a control distance of 100 meters, making it easy to explore large areas from a singular location.

Whether you currently own several drones or you’re looking for your first drone with an HD camera, a drone from EVA – US Green Products is the right one for your growing collection. Are you ready to shop for your new drone? Click here to shop now, and feel free to reach out to us directly if you have questions.